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Dan stands outside wearing a purple suit

Attending Paralympics GB event at St James’ Palace

I recently attended an event a St James’ Palace to celebrate the work of Paralympics GB and the travel towards the next Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. This was all due to my work on WeThe15 the global human rights movement back by the Paralympics.   Sadly we were not allowed to take any pictures in the Palace but here is me looking not to bad in my all purple suit! 

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The BAFTA Logo

A New BAFTA Member

In some exciting news, I have just become a member of BAFTA!!! This is a career goal I was never sure would happen but through a combination of Acting and Access Coordination work I have been accepted into the membership. As I attended an event at BAFTA early in my career I always thought it would be cool to be a member and now I can officially say its goal achieved. I look forward to the new possibilities this brings!  

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Re Elected to Equity Deaf and Disabled Members Committee

It’s true after about a week of solid work danedge.com the official website home of Actor, Model, Pro Wrestler, Circus Aerial Performer Dan Edge aka me. has a brand new look!   I hope you like it I have tired to make it look pretty I know accessibility wise  it may need some work but I am hoping to improve that slowly as time goes on as I am no coder or web designer and do this all myself so any support and understanding will be most appreciated. In the mean time feel free to have a look around.  Look after yourselves and thanks for taking the time to visit.          

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Busting The Bias 2023 Red Carpet

On Friday, I attended the red carpet opening of Busting the Bias the leading Disability Film Festival run by the BFI (British Film Institute)  As part of the front running Disability Screen Advisory Group. we have done some ground breaking work with the BFI and its great to be able to celebrate this work as part of Busting the Bias which is a festival I hope goes from strength to strength!      

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Elected to Equity Council

In what is a very proud moment for me. I have officially been elected to Equity Council, Equity is the Trade Union for Actors, Stage Managers, Dancers, Directors, Singers, Stunt people, Pro Wrestlers, Variety Artist Comedians and probably a few I have missed. It is an honour to help represent all the amazing people that our union represents and help with the day to day governance of the union and its massively important work. Having previously been on the screen and new media committee and before that and currently the Deaf and Disabled Members Committee. It’s a privilege to actually sit at the top table   of the union and help promote Equality work but also make sure everyone feels represented. While still doing important work to protect those rights. To all artists good work, to all workers good art, to all people Equity 

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