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So those of you that watch Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 in the UK may have seen a familiar face on your screen on Wednesday October 2nd. 

I was fortunate enough  to be invited to the studio by my affectionately named pod wife and other half of the Life Dowlow’ed podcast team Samantha Renke. 

Sam is a semi regular pannel member on the show and said they wanted to chat about the podcast! 

So we went along and had a quick chat about it on national television and it was well worth my 4am alarm!

Jeremy and all the crew were lovely and I genuinely hope it is not my last time there.  I did challenge Jeremy to come and train to be a wrestler and I think there might still be a chance ….maybe. 

Either way you can still watch the episode on My5 for the next few weeks. 

Also don’t forget to check out Life DownLow’ed 

and of course all Samantha’s my Pod wife’s lovely social media using the icons below.


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