Dan Edge.com


Welcome to Dan Edge.com my little corner of the internet that links you to all my working world. 

Where you can catch up on my latest news. It might be a little out of date some times but bare with me. Pretty please. 

You can also learn about me, my work as Actor, Wrestler, Model, and even Aerial Circus Performer. Not forgetting a whole bunch of activism in between.  

You could also be an amazing casting director, or director that is looking for my agents details which are on here too. Handy right?!? 

Or last but by no means least your interested in my work as an Access Coordinator / Consultant want to read about it, and maybe even work together on some amazing project. Where you want to make darn well sure all the amazing Deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent talent your working with feels supported in getting all their access requirements met so they can just focus on being epic! There’s a contact form for that to…it’s like I planned it. 

Oh one more thing all the links are on the menu at the top including casting sites and social media if you fancy being social. 

Anyway whatever you’re here for thanks for coming and hopefully our paths will cross at some point.

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