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So I saw a tweet recently asking about accessible fashion. A subject that seems to be becoming closer to my heart with each passing day, with me being lucky enough to be part of Nottingham Trent University’s team for London Student Fashion Week recently wearing the amazing Evie Ashwin’s Work on the Catwalk and having  doing more and more modelling as time progresses. Never being one to shy away from giving my opinion on things I got in contact.

The result….I got to chat with the amazing Chloe Ball-Hopkins who you might remember being in the news for having designed some accessible clothing with ASOS. While she hosted the BBC podcast The Next Episode. which turns out to be one of the most popular podcasts at the moment! Check it out now by clicking The Next Episode logo on this post or find it on BBC Sounds. You can also give  Evie’s Website  and Chloe’s Website a look to by clicking the two links I just gave you! 

Thanks as always for having a look around!     

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