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Dan stands outside wearing a purple suit

Attending Paralympics GB event at St James’ Palace

I recently attended an event a St James’ Palace to celebrate the work of Paralympics GB and the travel towards the next Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. This was all due to my work on WeThe15 the global human rights movement back by the Paralympics.   Sadly we were not allowed to take any pictures in the Palace but here is me looking not to bad in my all purple suit! 

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Sports Industry Awards

So its been a while since I updated my news section on this is site but firstly I want to share the fact I along with C Talent and We the 15 just won international campaign of the year at the sports industry awards! this is part of my consultancy work going along side my performing work this is outstanding for all involved myself included. if you haven’t seen the We The 15 Campaign Film watch it now! 

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