Lady Chatterley loves again!

Big news today I have had to keep this one quiet for a little while but I have been working behind the scenes as Disability and Access Consultant on the latest version of Lady Carterley’s Lover. This stars the amazing human that is Emma Corrin alongside Jack O’Connell and my now good friend a college the formidable Matthew Duckett.  Mathew is a phenomenal Disabled Actor and he is the first Disabled actor to play Lord Chatterley on film it was a pleasure to work closely with him to help shape his performance, as well as making sure set was accessible to him and all his access requirements were met.  If you want to read more about my work on the movie you can read about it in this Variety article.  You can also see the trailer for Lady Chatterley’s Lover below and of course I recommend watching it on Netflix right now!

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