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BFI London Film Festival

Dang slayers United poster. the back ground is of a multi coloured storm the words dragon slayers united are in the middle with the 5 main characters in superhero Esq. poses

Dragon Slayers United Premiere

Would you look at all those happy faces it must have been the premiere of Dragon Slayers United and what a cast and director we have there.  The Dragon Slayers are made of myself, Philyida Swift, Shani Dhannda, Rosie Jones, and Writer and the whole shebang and fellow Dragon Slayer Adam Pearson. Alongside our illustrious director Tom Levinge.  What a time was had it was amazing to attend my first film premiere.  Which also featured as part of the same showing Sleepyhead another short that I helped access coordinate on.  If you want to see behind the scenes videos for both I have popped them below!          https://youtu.be/GelyUgUMP6Q?si=E94DTZkVGWO8zXk5https://youtu.be/6uiLHn6RQuA?si=J2VDiJ_sCdK035hG

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