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A group of the aerial circus performers from the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics all wearing bright colours with some holding yellow umbrellas.

Not really your standard news post but I just wanted to take some time to acknowledge one of the biggest perforce of my career that happened 10 years ago.

I was an aerial circus performer in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in London 2012 it was a job with a team and atmosphere and work like on other. As I sit here and type this I know that 10 years changes a lot, my career has gone in directions I never thought it would and is still ever changing. I have been part of some amazing things and I hope to keep being. I also know that everyone on the picture you see to the left have gone on their pwn journeys, are doing some amazing things, and some sadly are no longer with us. So I just want to leave this post here as a celebration, as a memory and with a grateful heart. 

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