A blue background with a fil camera of the same colour and otto stood as his character the master

Otto Baxter Not a F***ing Horror Story

I’m really excited today as I can finally announce  project I was Access Coordinating on.  Well technically two the first part being a documentary and the leading project Otto Baxter not a F***ing Horror story.  The story of Otto a man with Down Syndrome which shows the challenges he and his family face when it comes to being a man with a learning disability. Along side that the challenge they had to make his Comedy Horror film…The Puppet Asylum. Which Otto reflects his own life.  It was great to be a part of both of these projects and you can watch the trailer below and watch both on demand on Sky now!   https://youtu.be/UsZRX5oQDcg?si=7p0qagsoh45d8moT

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